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Hello everyone~ This week is a double interview week. First up was :iconbastetsama-cosplay: Her interview is here: Interview. Next up is :iconanother-rose: from Germany.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Milu, 22 years old and from Germany. I’ve been cosplaying since 2005 and still love it to the core. Besides cosplaying, I also love to take photos of other cosplayers. Even though I make most of my costumes myself I kinda hate sewing – I’ll be in a love-hate relationship with my sewing machine forever. But I love crafting and painting and just meeting new interesting people through cosplay.

What was your first cosplay and why?

My first cosplay was Anna from Shaman King. Back then in 2005 cosplay was still young in Germany and a friend told me we should try it out. Since I didn’t know how to sew I chose an easy outfit – and it looked totally awful. Thankfully there are no more photos of it...

Which cosplay is your favorite?

That’s really a difficult question but I’d say Yuna from FFX and Yoshi are my favourites – plus Hokuto from Tokyo Babylon whom I’ve been cosplaying for seven years now. It was a huge dream to cosplay Yuna even though I look nothing like her. Final Fantasy X means a lot to me and so does the character. Wearing Yoshi is just so much fun and I love to see people smile because of me when I wear it.

How do you pick the characters you cosplay?

I mostly pick them because I like them. I think it’s important that you have a certain connection to the character, maybe because you laughed and cried with them throughout their story or because you share similarities to them. Sometimes I also have certain ideas for shootings or get inspired by the design.

Pick anyone of your costumes and tell us a little bit about how you made it.

I’d love to tell you something about my child Ja’far cosplay because many people seemed to be interested how you create a shabby, worn-out or even damaged look on certain cosplays. The base isn’t all that spectacular, it’s just trousers, a shirt, the cape and some bandages. I cut out some edges and holes and used sandpaper on them for a realistic look. Then the fun part started. I used tea bags, coffee, mud, sand and fake blood to make it all look dirty. It’s best to let it dry, clean it with water and start a second and even third round so you get different layers of mud. You can even use coffee and tea and splash it all over your fabric. When it’s all dried, I wiped of the remaining mud and added a last layer of blood. I used my bare hand to rub it in and create the effect of bloody fingerprints on the fabric. Tada, the most fun experience ever.

Any general costume construction advice you'd like to share with the group?

I think I’m more the type to give psychological advice so: Be brave and try out new things. It’s always easy to stay in your comfort zone but it’s fun to learn new things or even cosplay characters that don’t seem to fit you. Don’t let others tell you what or how to cosplay, just do it the way you enjoy it the most. Ask for help and be helpful to new cosplayers so you can share the experience of creating something awesome, read tutorials but be also open to just try it out even though you might fail. It’s important to not forget why you cosplay in the first place.

Are you currently working on any other projects?

Yes, I am currently working on Gran Mamare from Ghibli’s Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea and will start with Five from Drakengard 3 in the next days. You can always follow my progress on my facebook page.

Are you active on any more sites besides DA? List them so everyone can see your work~

At the moment I am mostly active on facebook where I post regularly for international followers. You may also find all of my cosplay pictures on our German platform Animexx, there is an English version of the site available as well.


To see more of Another-Rose and Bastetsama-Cosplay's work, be sure to follow them both!
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Group Rules. Please read before submitting!

Welcome to the new group "UnlimitedCosplay"!

It´s a group for fans, cosplayers and photographers.
You can contribute as much deviations as you want (it's only limited to 3 pictures per day)~
If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

Our aim is to spread art, so please recommend us :pc:

:bulletpurple:Please remember that deviations which contain explicit violence are not allowed

:bulletpurple:Pictures with mature content should be marked as such (for example pictures that show an excessive amount of blood, nudity etc.)

:bulletpurple:Please submit to the right folder. You should always choose the folder that is more specific (for example Code Geass -> don't submit into the "Anime Folder" but into the "Code Geass Folder" )

:bulletpurple: A picture with a detailed description will help our contributors to identify the submission (for example Model, Character, Game/Anime/Movie , Photographer & Event) .

:bulletpurple:Respect the staff

:bulletred: Submission expired? This might happen due to hundreds of submissions per day, please submit again !

:bulletpurple: Submissions into the Featured folder will take at least 3 votes! (Keep in mind that this it the representative folder of our group!)

:bulletpurple: Try to keep variety by not posting all pictures from one shot or your entire gallery! Identical pictures might be denied or deleted. We accept only a few (usually 3) pictures of the same cosplay/photoshoot.

:bulletpurple: Please submit your photo to the right folder. Contributors won´t move it for you because there are too many pictures.

:bulletpurple: We won't accept wig only pictures ( No WIP work or test shots) . We are a costume group so we want to see at least a bit of the costume in your pictures.

:bulletred: Your photo needs to show at least the lower part of the bust and up, everything that is below will be denied.

:bulletpurple: Conphotos will no longer be accepted to the group unless they show a single cosplay (with no unrelated people in the background) or if they are really good quality.

:bulletpurple: Contributors should be active. That means they should at least vote one time per week. Otherwise their role will be changed back into a normal member.

:bulletred: Contributors do not need to give a reason on why they declined a submission. Because of the amount of submissions we receive every day, it's not possible to give every member a reason of denial. Check if you submitted into the wrong folder first or if your picture shows unrelated people in the background (remember the close up rule too!). If you still don't know why the picture was declined, use the comment section beneath the submission correspondence.

:bulletpurple: Keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes. So if you think that your submission was denied because of no reason ask the staff.










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